Blogging-Contest-2011-lrgLets face it, contests are fun. Add in some SEO value and exposure to your blog and you get Internet marketers and SEO specialists all giddy inside. I ran across this contest through an email update from Ann Smarty of MyBlogGuest (awesome site to find guest bloggers by the way).

To find more information on how you can submit a post for the contests (entries no later than October 12) go check out Gerald Weber’s post here. Gerald’s goal for the contest is, “for SEOs and Internet marketers to showcase their awesome guest blogging skills.”

I decided to jump at the chance to enter this contest for two reasons:

  1. I just started this site and would love some exposure.
  2. It’s a great way to build your community.

Although this may be just a contest, being actively involved in your industry is a great way to learn and get exposure. You can never have enough friends in the social media world. The point is to find people who are active and engage with you and your carefully built community.

One of the best ways to do this (contest or no contest) is guest blogging. Sharing your skills with other bloggers helps build your credibility, and also shows someone else finds you knowledgeable on the subject of the post.

Pitching Bloggers
In the Internet world you can’t be too shy. After all, blogging is social. Go ahead and ask if you can write a guest post. However, there are some quick tips to keep in mind when pitching a blog owner.

Know their content
You might be the number one source in eco-friendly furniture, but I doubt a blog owner who only writes on social media is going to want a post on eco-friendly furniture. Unless you write about your use in social media.

Make sure you read their content, get an idea of their overall theme and make sure you are writing for THEIR audience. Remember, this isn’t your site. Be polite and write something their audience would enjoy.

Keep your pitch short
We are all busy, lets be honest. Bloggers have enough going on, such as managing multiple guest writers, managing their SEO plan and promoting their site. Lets not even get into if they have a full-time day job to pay their bills. Blog owners don’t have time to read long pitches.

High traffic blogs also may not be accepting guest posts at the time. So your first pitch should just be a few sentences (that is right sentences not paragraphs) asking if they are even accepting guest posts currently.

This does two things:

  1. Shows you want to write a post.
  2. Considerate of their time and jumping strait to the point.

Once they get back to you, let them ask for the next step. I’ve noticed most bloggers are willing to have posts, and also are very friendly.

It’s ok to follow up
Sometimes we get busy. It’s ok to check in if you haven’t heard back from the blog owner. I usually wait a week before checking in, but I have heard 3-4 days is a good window as well. You don’t want to come off pushy, but give them a few days minimum to respond.

So what are you waiting for! Go be apart of this awesome contest, and start pitching other bloggers. It might take some practice, but pitching bloggers isn’t as scary as you might think. Plus, this contest spells out exactly what they are looking for, so it couldn’t be easier.

Don’t forget to check out my post on SEO here.

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