top-five-marketing-articlesThis week turned from just another week to the loss of one of the greatest innovators of our time, Steve Jobs. Although we are all still mourning this loss, we still have business to attend to. Below is a compilation of the top five marketing articles of the week. This is the first of many posts you can look forward to every Friday.

  1. Oh No! What Happened To My PageRank? ”There has been a lot of discussion and scare on Twitter and within the SEO forums that Google has disabled the Toolbar PageRank scores from working. The truth is, no they have not.” SearchEngineLand
  2. How a Scrapbooking Company Used Social Media to Beat Target as Best Brand in Minnesota “On the morning of June 10, Kristen Jacobs was monitoring the Twitterverse for mentions of her employer, Creative Memories, as she usually does. One tweet in particular stood out.” SocialMediaExaminer
  3. What Smartphones Say About Their Users “Not all smartphone owners are created equal. In fact, depending on the device, smartphone users have differing app usage habits and purchase propensities.” eMarketer
  4. From Action to Engagement: The Call to Action Comes of Age “Calls to action are an integral part of all websites. Over the years, those little buttons, urging website visitors to act on a website, and so disclose the visitor interest and intent, have moved from basic “click here for more info” or “contact us” tabs and buttons to those that are designed to engage visitors.” MarkeingProfs
  5. Thank you, Steve: Late Apple founder opened the digital door for marketing “The death of Apple founder and tech pioneer Steve Jobs on Oct. 5 triggered an avalanche of online and print reaction, as writers around the world struggled to eulogize a man whose name is synonymous with innovation. But how can anyone – in 140 characters, 10 graphs or 1,000 pages – properly sum up a life?” DMNews

There you have it, Shannon Evans Marketing‘s top five marketing articles of the week. Did I miss your favorite article? Let us know about it in the comments below.

Image Credit: SmashFly